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Lyrics & Liner Notes

Music Player 2.0

We are proud of the upgrades we have made to our website. One of our primary goals in redesigning the website was to make substantial upgrades to the user interface of the music player. The music player has been simplified with an easy-to-use, clean and intuitive user interface (See Figure 2-1). 

Figure 2-1: Lyrics & Liner Notes Button

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Music Player 2.0
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Refer to Figure 2-1. To view a song's lyrics and liner notes, simply press Lyrics & Liner Notes Button, highlighted by the number 11.

Lyrics & Liner Notes

Lyrics & Liner Notes

Once, you have selected the Lyrics & Liner Notes button, a new window will pop-up. Here, you will be able to view the selected song's artist and accompanying artist(s), album title, album purchase price, track purchase price, song composer/arranger, liner notes, lyrics, lyric translations, and album comments.

Figure 2-2: Lyrics & Liner Notes Window


NOTE: Not all song's will have lyrics or translations. In Hawaiian composition, many songs have kaona or hidden meaning. Some songs and their underlying message are meant to remain hidden.

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