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Napua Greig Music Makawalu


Nāpua began her solo recording career with the highly anticipated release of Pīhana in August 2007. This debut album earned six nominations at the Nā Hōkū Hanohano Music Awards and later won the "Best Female Vocalist" award.

In 2010, Nāpua released her sophomore album, Mōhalu. Which received three Nā Hōkū Hanohano awards in 2011, "Favorite Entertainer" by fans, "Female Vocalist of the Year" and for "Hawaiian Album of the Year." A review from Honolulu Magazines' Michael Keany said, “this autobiographical follow-up offers a satisfying progression, both musically and thematically. Original compositions mix well with standard hula favorites, and there’s even a rousing chant, “‘O Kane, ‘O Kukapau,” to close out the album, showcasing Nāpua’s background as an award-winning kumu hula.”

If you ask Nāpua what her most important kuleana in this life is, without hesitation she will tell you it is that of being a mother. She has two daughters, Kalaʻiakea and Kaʻilihiwa Greig and a son, Kahiau Suwa. These three children are her whole world. They are the splitting image of their mother and if you engage them in conversation, you will find they possess many of her character traits as well.



When asked how she manages to accomplish all she does, being a Kumu Hula, school teacher, recording artist, and Mommy, Nāpua responds that it is her children that drive her to do all she can in this life. “ I want them to see that with hard work and commitment, they can accomplish anything. I want them to know who they are by understanding where and who they came from. I can only teach by example, I want to be the best I can be to give them the best example I’m capable of.


Na Hoku Hanohano Award Best Female Vocalist Pihana 2008


Best Female Vocalist


Na Hoku Hanohano Award Female Entertainer of the Year Mohalu 2011


Female Entertainer of the Year


Na Hoku Hanohano Award Hawaiian Album of the Year Mohalu 2011


Hawaiian Album
of the Year


Na Hoku Hanohano Award Favorite Entertainer Mohalu 2011




Na Hoku Hanohano Award Christmas Album of the Year Lei Kulaia 2013


Christmas Album
of the Year

Lei Kulāia

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